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Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I have another ‘Day Trip’ style post for you as my Nan and Grandad treated me to a boat trip over to the Isle of Wight. Being from the south (Bournemouth) we have pretty easy access to islands like the Isle of Wight and Brownsea.

Despite living within relatively close proximity to the Isle of Wight it wasn’t something I did often – in fact I think I was less than 10 last time I had visited! I suggested it to my Grandparents as I knew they visit fairly regularly and knew some nice places to explore. They made the plans and treated me to everything which was so so nice of them and something I wasn’t expecting at all.

The Ferry to Yarmouth

Our morning started relatively early as we boarded the Ferry at around 10am to make the short 40 minute journey across the ocean and onto the Island. They had planned us a walk around Yarmouth and we started by walking to the old railway station which was last open to passengers in 1953. I loved this as even though I am not big on history I do enjoy little spots like this. The station is now a little coffee shop with much of the interior containing memorabilia to its former railway state. Table booths using old carriage chairs and plenty of decorative signs that had been salvaged from the trains and station that use to exist there.

The old railway station

From the railway station we walked along the old railway line – although no tracks or signs of it really remain – to a little pub called The Red Lion. Along the way I asked my Nan and Grandad stories about the past and happily listened to ‘the way things were back then’. We stopped for lunch along the way and got chatting with a local, going by the nickname ‘Greenpeace Dave’ and his dog. Once at the pub my Nan and I had Mermaid pink gin which is the only gin made on the island, she enjoyed hers with tonic whilst mine was with lemonade.

Grandad and I

We then had the final stretch of the walk which took us further into the countryside through farm land, fields and along country lanes. In total the walk was around 4 miles but took longer to complete since we stopped for lunch and a drink along the way. Once we were back by the Ferry port in Yarmouth we wondered onto the wooden pier and through the town shops. Once we’d worked up a big enough appetite we went into a local pub which my Nan and Grandad had enjoyed before and ate dinner together. This was another treat to me from them which I was really grateful for.

Nanny and I

The day seemed to be timed perfectly as once dinner had settled and we were ready to move again and start heading back home we were able to catch another Ferry without really having any wait at all! The Ferry ride home was more relaxing since we were all starting to feel a little tired from the walk but it was lovely to just be in their company and take in the panoramic views as we sailed across the ocean.

Yarmouth Pier

I hope you enjoyed another one of my ‘day trip’ blog posts – there is actually still another to come, but it’s mostly just pictures! Make sure you are following my blog so you don’t miss it.

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  1. Nikki Parker says:

    Love this post. So glad that you have such a lovely relationship with them both xx

    1. I love spending time with Nan and Grandad โค๏ธ

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