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Hey guys,

I hope you’re doing well? It’s no secret that I love exploring new places, particularly with my trusty companion, Haydn by my side. Recently we’ve found ourselves getting lazy, spending weekends together sat at home watching endless amounts of YouTube. That’s why I decided to jump on AirBnB to book us a night away somewhere new.

If you follow our couples IG you’ll have already seen the pictures from our night away, but I wanted to document our experience here on my blog too.

We spent the night on a Canal Boat, basically because why the heck not. The property was listed by a Superhost – which is always reassuring – and for a Saturday night it was incredibly reasonably priced.

Our new home for the night wasn’t ‘glamorous’ but it had so much “boatly” charm. A proper, authentic canal boat. At one end we had a cosy lounge, fitted with a TV and DVD player. Behind that in the middle section followed a pretty well equipped kitchen and then a bedroom. Finally at the rear end (before the entrance and exit) is a bathroom.

I just wanted to add in 3 quick things that (pleasantly) surprised me about this house boat sleepover experience:

  1. There was mains electricity due to us being docked at a Marina.
  2. There isn’t much movement on the boat and at times was perfectly still.
  3. Even though it’s literally surrounded by freezing water, it held heat from the radiators well; eventually feeling like a sauna.

Haydn and I were keen to make the most of our time together so spent the majority of time cuddled up on the sofa either watching movies (which our host had put down for us) or playing on the Nintendo Switch (because we’re so cool and took it with us…). We also enjoyed the nearby walks and made the most of the peaceful scenery.

For dinner that night we drove to one of the local restaurants for a pub meal and we were actually so impressed with the service!

Overall we loved our mini night away onboard our very own canal boat. If you too are from the UK I would recommend this property or similar for a couples mini getaway! If you want to use Airbnb and get £25 free credit then be sure to use my referral links.

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  1. When my mom was younger she used to go on canal boat holidays!

    1. That’s so cute! We’d love to go on one that was moving x

  2. Barbara skalinski says:

    I used to go on anal boats when I was younger, it was an incredible experience! Me and my boyfriend used to cuddle in the rear end where it was the cosiest. I am so happy to hear you had a (pleasent) time on your little adventure. It used to get quite choppy on the water during the night though, it definitely wasn’t the weathers fault!!!

    1. Awww that’s such a cute memory! We definitely had the cuddliest night ever which we loved!

  3. Sounds like such a fun night away. I have never been on a canal boat Xx

    1. We really enjoyed it! Xx

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