Lacock Abbey || Harry Potter Filming Location

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I hope you’re doing well? I am currently down south visiting my family for a couple of weeks and being treated to some really lovely days out! One of the first has been a day trip to Lacock, a little village in Wiltshire, which attracts many tourists due to its quaint charm and unspoiled appearance thanks to its near entire ownership by the National Trust. I was particularly excited about visiting since several Harry Potter scenes have been filmed there – most notably those around Hogwarts courtyard and corridors! *get ready for the photo spam*

I visited with my Mum and 9 of her friends; all my Mum’s friends are so funny and are lovely to be around so that alone made for a good start to the day. It was a couple of hour’s drive from Bournemouth so we got that around lunchtime and enjoyed our picnics before heading into the Abbey Grounds. I’d love to tell you loads about the Abbey itself and its history but one of the key things I do know is that the Abbey was lived in by the Talbot family. It was William Talbot who gave Lacock its place on the map in many ways due to the fact that in 1835 he made what may be the earliest surviving photographic camera negative, an image of one of the windows.

Lacock Abbey Courtyard

The Abbey was actually really nice to walk around and see the way rooms had been preserved to represent a snippet of history. However, unlike the rest of the muggles in the group, I was obsessed with seeing all the different spots in which Harry Potter had been filmed – my favourite definitely being the Hogwarts Corridors. These iconic moments from the first and second movies see Harry, Ron and Hermione are seen walking among students in the corridors. Of course, I saw this as an opportunity to strike a pose myself!

Muggles wouldn’t understand

Aside from the corridors and courtyard several classrooms within Hogwarts were also filmed around Lacock Abbey including Professor Quirrel’s and Snape’s classrooms. In one of the rooms, a large cauldron still remains! Another room was also the hiding spot for the mirror of erised which is seen in the Philosopher’s Stone showing Harry between his parents and Ron with the Quidditch cup and Head Boy title.

Professor Quirrell’s Cauldron

If you are not a National Trust member and don’t want to pay the entrance fee for the Abbey you are still able to explore the little village of Lacock. The quintessential stone houses and cobbled stone streets make for a lovely little wonder. Plus there are several other Harry Potter filming locations including the Potter house where Lily and James Potter died in and Horace Slughorn’s house. Even though I am a big Harry Potter fan I wouldn’t have recognised the latter but Harry’s house was great to see. These two houses are actually lived in by residents so I felt a little weird taking loads of photos.

The Potter Family Home

After we had wondered about the village the group all went for afternoon tea in a local pub which I, of course, loved because I’m such a sweet tooth! The drive back home was tiring and I was pleased to be curled up on the sofa again. I’ve got a few more ‘Day Out’ style posts coming soon so make sure you are following my blog to see all that I get up to!

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  1. Beautiful place! I love Harry Potter too! 🙂

    1. I loved seeing real film locations too!

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